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Relieve Your Back Pain for Good

Put an end to your search for long-term back pain relief at SEVA Healthcare. With a total of four locations in Dallas, TX, and Tulsa, OK, our team specializes in providing comprehensive care, featuring renowned doctors, state-of-the-art technology, and a patient-centered approach.

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A Comprehensive Approach to Healing

Has back pain been a constant burden, hindering your daily life for far too long? Are you relying on an array of painkillers just to get through the day? At SEVA Healthcare, we adopt a holistic approach to pain management, dedicating the time to fully understand the underlying causes of your pain and offering tailored solutions that address the specific needs of your body.

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Join the Growing Number of Success Stories

We take immense pride in the countless success stories of transformation that occur regularly at SEVA Healthcare. With decades of experience in effectively minimizing or completely eliminating pain for our patients, we are eager to provide the same life-changing results for you.

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Discover the Root of Your Back Pain at Our Dallas and Tulsa Locations

Are You Ready to Finally Live Without Back Pain?

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If you’ve struggled to find a sustainable solution for your back pain, don’t wait to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced doctors today. While the journey to healing can be challenging, SEVA Healthcare is dedicated to offering the unwavering support you need along the way.

Meet The Doctors

Dr. Jayen Patel

Dr. Patel is a graduate of Boston University, School of Medicine. He continued his training at Mt Sinai School of Medicine in Manhattan, NY where he completed a year of General Surgery training. He furthered his specialization in Anesthesiology at New York University and is Board Certified in Anesthesiology.

Dr. Amit Mirchandani

A physician trained at Rhodes College (Memphis, TN), University of Tennessee College of Medicine, Yale University (Anesthesiology), Rush University (Pain Management)

Dr. Amit Mirchandani is a graduate of the University of Tennessee College of Medicine. He continued his training at Yale University in New Haven, CT where he completed his Anesthesiology residency. He further specialized in Interventional Pain Management by completing an ACGME accredited fellowship at Rush University in Chicago, IL. He is double board certified in both Anesthesiology & Pain Management.