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Our Unique Approach to Back Pain

Just because past treatments haven’t worked doesn’t mean there isn’t hope for your healing journey. Our nuanced approach takes your particularities in mind, utilizing a 3-step process to properly understand and treat the root cause of your pain: 

Once unique pathology has been identified, we prescribe an appropriate roadmap toward lasting freedom from pain. And with over ten different treatments and procedures, we won’t stop working until we’ve found the right next steps for you.

Back Pain’s Extensive Pathologies and Causes

For some people, back pain is a mere annoyance, but for others it can be almost debilitating. That’s why our doctors focus on educating you on the state of your orthopedic condition. The more you know, the better suited you are to lasting knee pain treatment. Individuals suffering from back pain may be experiencing a number of pathologies:

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Click here for a full breakdown of Upper and Lower Back Pain pathologies and their causes:

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Targetted Solutions for Your Unique Pain

After a decompression procedure and SI Joint Fusion, this patient’s back pain from Spinal Stenosis is completely gone. With these quick procedures, she was able to get back on her feet and walk pain-free!


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