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Lower Risk Less Invasive Spinal Procedures

The ZIP ULTRA® is Aurora Spine’s minimally invasive interlaminar fixation implant for spinal fusion and was developed as an alternative to pedicle screw fixation. The ZIP ULTRA implant is designed for stabilization and load sharing in T1-S1 thoracolumbar fusion procedures, specifically for the treatment of degenerative disease, lumbar spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, trauma, and/or tumor. 

The proprietary ZIP ONE-STEP™ locking mechanism eliminates the use of a set screw. Each ZIP ULTRA implant features a large barrel designed for ZIP Graft™ or other bone material. The ZIP ULTRA is designed in various sizes to accommodate variations in patient anatomy. The ZIP ULTRA features an articulating spike design to increase the potential for anatomical conformity with 12° of articulation.

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Posterior Spinal Fixation Is Different

Innovation with Your Body in Mind

When it comes to treating your chronic pain, we’re committed to stable, minimally invasive, and reversible solutions, and this innovative procedure ensures just that.

With multiple size variations, this screwless implant can work for anyone’s body. We recommend this procedure to individuals suffering from:

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Don’t get screwed. With less risk and less invasive techniques, you can finally find hope and freedom from pain.

SEVA Mitigation

Say Goodbye to Screws and Rods in Your Back

Spinal infusion surgeries are standard practice in the medical field for many people experiencing chronic back pain. This permanent solution stabilizes the spine by inserting screws and/or rods into the spinal column. In addition to being incredibly invasive, this procedure is irreversible. Should the results lead to persisting or even increased pain levels, there is little recourse for remediation.

Zip Ultra

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