We know and understand how difficult life can be with chronic pain. Here at SEVA Med Care, our mission is to provide relief to enable all of our patients to enjoy active, healthy lifestyles. We believe there isn’t one solution that fits all chronic pain, so we treat every patient’s pain uniquely to ensure their treatment plan is specific to their needs.

In addition to our approach, we are proud to offer an unmatched scope of practice. We treat the entire body, from head-to-toe. From minimally invasive spine surgery to vascular care, the breadth of care that we can give today sets us apart from any other health system.

We specialize in pain management with minimally invasive technologies, such as spinal cord stimulation. We are dedicated to a holistic approach to acute and chronic pain management. We coordinate a complete pain management service with injection therapy and pharmacologic therapies. In addition, we provide guidance in other therapies such as chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, and psychological counseling.

We are dedicated to the mission of reducing prescription drug abuse in our communities. We uphold the highest standards in preventing drug diversion and abuse. This is to protect our most vulnerable citizens who are misdirected when they are in times of greatest need.

Our doctors have years of experience and are dedicated to implementing advanced therapies, the highest levels of technological innovation, and we are constantly learning, adapting and growing to best serve our patients. All Seva Med Care staff members are committed to high standards of care and service.

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