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A Multi-Location Orthopedic Facility

If you or a loved one in Tulsa, OK suffers from acute or chronic pain, we have two locations in the greater Tulsa area, with Walk-in Appointments now available. For anyone who hasn’t been able to find relief elsewhere, trust SEVA Healthcare to finally get the lasting change you’ve been waiting for. 

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Walk-in Appointments Now Available

Need treatment as soon as possible? We offer walk-in appointments at our Tula healthcare centers.

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Where are You Experiencing Pain?

We treat the following regions of the body to make sure everyone gets the help they need. 

Find Treatent Tailored Just for You

Everyone is unique, and each region of your body that is experiencing pain has a multitude of potential causes. That’s why we take great care to analyze the specifics of your condition, approaching healthcare holistically to ensure you get the relief you need. With individualized care, a multi-disciplinary philosophy, and state-of-the-art facilities, you can find hope again to live a pain-free life.

SEVA Customer Stories

Eight Months of Pain Freedom

From extreme pain after barely walking ten minutes, to daily three-mile walks, this patient has experienced eight pain-free months since beginning treatment at SEVA. We love seeing such dramatic results in our patients’ healing journeys.

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