SEVA VIP is our unique concierge service. We want our patients to be fully taken care of, whether you desire same day appointments, vacation coverage or uninhibited access to your physician, this program offers those perks and much more.

By enrolling in SEVA VIP, you gain access to:

VIP Perks:

  • Private VIP room upon arrival
  • Assigned private patient liaison
  • After-hours staff availability
  • Vacation coverage
  • Same-day appointments if applicable
  • Klara messaging


  • Counseling referral
  • Sedation for injections
  • Bariatrics & anti-aging consultation
  • Psych evaluation
  • Lab confirmations
  • Primary care
  • One-on-one appointments with your provider


  • Botox discount
  • MAYA Medical products, 10% discount
  • Tallgrass Dispensary, 10% discount